Generic Descriptions

Antonucci -- International counterplans: We'll produce (atleast) two international actor counterplans. One will do ~the plan through apotential competitor (Russia or China) and claim a prestige competition internalnet benefit if possible. The other will do ~the plan through an alliedgovernment (ESA or Japan) and attempt to claim a soft power net benefit. Theaffirmative will produce high quality permutation evidence, specific solvencydeficits, and at least one disad for the negative actor. We'll decide specificactors, internal assignments and produce a flexible document map on the firstday. All assignment progress will be tracked via a generic Dropbox system. Ifwe're very efficient, we can encapsulate a small theory discussion and block-writingsession on international fiat into the elective schedule, but this would beambitious.

Crowe – Politics: thepolitical implications of contemporary space: The exploration of the congressional agenda and 2012presidential election.

Kernoff – Spending Generic: This generic willresearch two spending-related disadvantages that link to all or nearly all ofthe affirmatives on the topic. The fiscal discipline DA will argue that a largespending plan will disrupt Congressional plans to control spending, hurting theeconomy. The spending tradeoff DA will argue that spending more money on thespace program will reduce the amount of spending on the military or other programs.This group will also produce affirmative answers.

Jacobs– Space Power:This group will research the linkages between space dominance and US hegemony.We will consider the aerospace industry and spin-off technologies, the role ofair power in US military doctrine, and US soft power

Malsin -- Freemarket/Coercion -- The aff has the USFGfund the exploration/development of space. This generic will demonstrate thatthe free market can achieve the same goals equally well -- if not better! It will also include one of the net benefitsto free market action: It avoids the USFG stealing taxpayers' money... whichmuch be rejected in every instance.

Mulholand -- Space Colonization Core: This group will construct a file that contains everything you need to debate space colonization on the Aff and Neg. Topics we'll explore in our research include: the potential for space colonies to carry on the survival of the species in the event of a catastrophe on earth, advantages that humanity could accrue from setting up outposts on celestial objects, and the feasibility of space colonization.

Olney – Security K: We will be working on the usual critiques ofIR/security politics (hegemony, soft power, conflict), with a particular focuson the space-related aspects of this (securitization of space, the discourse ofcolonization, surveillance, etc.)

Quigley – Space K Core: We will produce a set of of criticalarguments and answers designed to be flexible between a wide variety ofcritiques that will be run this year. Our argument will be generic to spaceexploration, focusing on a tradeoff between space and environmental/socialjustice issues, but we will produce links to military co-option, imperialism,racial critique, and technology. The goal main of this group will be to producean "answers to" file that can deal with major arguments like theoverview effect and natural threats (asteroids etc) that will be essential forreading any critique this year.

Quinn – Topicality - The Event Horizon: The keys to successon next year's topic rest in the quivering hands of those of you brave enoughto take part in this linguistic adventure. Whether you're a rule-maker orrule-breaker, nobody can avoid T. It's simultaneously the passageway to new,squirrelly parts of the topic and the electric fence that shocks you back intothe bounds of relevancy. Together on this journey, we will attempt acomprehensive file of definitions and violations that students at DDI will talkabout for ages. If you dare join me, I believe we can reach infinity...and beyond,just like I believe that Ben Affleck will soon rescue us from anearth-shattering asteroid.

Ramakrishnan – Environment / On the Ground CP: Space debris, air pollution, ozone depletion, oh my! This generic will explore the environmental ramifications of willy nilly launching things into space. Against some specific affs, we will also write the CP to do it from here on the ground.

Sears-- Space weapons good/bad:This group will focus on the ramifications of deploying space weapons and thefeasibility of different space weapons technologies. If you want to learn about "hitting abullet with a bullet," rods from god, orbiting death stars, and arms racesstraight out of a James Bond movie, this is the generic for you.

Serrano -- Domesticspace implications: Well research theeffects of space development on the Space treaty, NASA credibility, separationof powers, and other branch, agency, and i-law questions.